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Future Developments for eCommerce Recommendation Systems

While online shopping has become the first choice for consumers all over the world, offering convenience and hassle-free purchasing, there are areas where traditional stores still have an advantage. This is especially true when it comes to building trust and relationships with customers. However, eCommerce recommendation systems are designed to provide that same relationship building power to the online experience too.

An eCommerce recommendation system offers a highly personalized experience, providing product recommendations based on the individual’s search history and preferences. A great way to build customer engagement and brand awareness, the technology around eCommerce recommendation is constantly evolving, with the promise of even better performance and additional features in the future.

What makes eCommerce Recommendation Systems so Popular with Consumers?

Using the latest tech advancements and refined algorithms, the eCommerce recommendation system can analyze customer data, including product reviews, purchase and browsing history and so on, to offer product recommendations that are of interest to the buyer. This saves them time, helps them discover new products that can help them, and provides a more personalized feel for the entire shopping experience.

That benefits the consumer and the brand, building that relationship and even saving them money. With no cost to those individuals, it is no wonder that consumers love these recommendation systems.

What will we See in Future eCommerce Recommendation Systems?

With all that in mind, it seems that eCommerce recommendation systems are delivering great results today. But there is always room for improvement, so what does that look like for recommendation systems? With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) across the technological fields, there is no doubt that they will have an influence on eCommerce recommendation solutions. Current systems use sophisticated algorithms to analyze data and produce recommendations, and over time we will see AI taking over this sort of analysis.

AI and ML are especially good at processing vast amounts of data very quickly, and this will enable not just faster recommendations, but even real-time solutions for on-the-fly recommendations as someone is browsing a site. But it won’t just be faster, the more data available, the better AI performs, and as a result we can also expect more accurate and better recommendations for each individual.

These advances in how eCommerce recommendation systems operate will also allow the inclusion of even more data. This could come from many places, but most likely will be the integration of social media activity data, once again refining the process and offering more accurate recommendations as a result. But AI will not be the only technology that has an influence, as a way to bring the online shopping experience into the physical world, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality are likely to be major influences in the future.

Combined with an eCommerce Recommendation System, this would allow customers to discover new products and then try them in a virtual world as part of the purchase process. Augmented reality would allow a customer to see what clothing looks like in more detail, how new artwork would fit on the wall in their homes and so on.

In all these cases, the future of eCommerce recommendation systems is to give consumers more. More personalization, more flexibility, more accurate recommendations, and while all this benefits every consumer, it also means improved engagement and brand awareness, higher conversion rates and stronger brand relationships for the business. The future of recommendation systems is very interesting, if you need to know more, just click the link and visit our website today.

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